Heidi Marke

Yoga for Self-Care

One of the things I love about Zen yoga is it’s incorporation of the Five Element system of Oriental health care. Now, I’m no expert on meridians – although I’m learning and keen to learn more – but I love the way having five seasons with corresponding organ systems provides a fundamental starting place for a system of self-care in tune with the rhythms of the year. The sharing of self-care is both my passion and my work so anything that sits well with this gets me excited.

So, right now we’re moving into Late Summer – that fifth ‘extra season’ between Summer and Autumn – a time we can use to remind ourselves to look after our bellies – our physical and emotional centre of balance and the place where we digest our food and experiences. A time to remind us to stand tall and strong, owning our space and feeling welcome, connected to the earth and those around us. A time to remember just how much we have, to feel gratitude as the earth continues to provide for us, remembering to take of care our beautiful planet. A time to slow down and bring the powerful practice of mindfulness to how we eat and experience all that life has to offer us.

Want to know more? Want to experience the gentle but powerful effects of practising mindfulness? My classes and workshops offer unique ways to tune into your body and mind with curiosity and kindness, improving physical movement, releasing patterns of held tension and learning to live with more ease and joy. I create the space, time and guidance for you to take a break from your busy, overwhelmed mind and ease back into your body. Using body mindfulness techniques to reduce the effects of overworking and endless busyness, I teach you how to activate your relaxation response and release held patterns of tension.

· Improve your emotional resilience
· Reduce anxiety and feelings of overload
· Feel at ease in your body
· Gain energy, sleep better and think more clearly