Should I buy my own yoga mat?

There comes a time in every yoga student’s life when they think about buying their own mat. As a yoga teacher I feel it is important to encourage this for several reasons.

1. It shows commitment to your own yoga journey

Yoga is good for you and the investment of buying a mat is a commitment to yourself and your well-being. Plus it’s fun choosing a colour and style that suits you. I recently gave out vouchers for Yoga Studio and loved watching the excitement of each new mat being used for the first time by a student a little further on their yoga path.

2. Developing a home practice is good for you

I know you’re busy – I get it, I really do – carving out space for a weekly class is tough enough but I would always encourage a home practice as well. Even a sporadic one. Even just 5 minutes a day. As a yoga teacher I know what a difference it makes. My own practice is my priority and I want the joy, balance, flexibility and strength for my students too. Which is why I always give tips for easy stuff you can try outside of weekly class times – with or without a mat. But there’s something magical about the ritual of rolling out my mat because…..

3. Your own mat is your own sacred space

And let’s face it, carving out space for ourselves is vital. However small that space is, a yoga mat at home can help because their truly is something sacred about the ritual of rolling out your mat – something special about the space it creates…..even if you just lie down on it for a few stollen minutes.

So, yes, please do buy a mat. Invest in your well-being. Be kind to yourself.

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