Seasonal Self-Care

One of the many things I love about Zen Yoga is the way it connects to the seasons through its links with Oriental Medicine and the Five Element System. I’ve decided to share my way of using this seasonal system to focus on different physical and emotional aspects of self-care throughout the year. ⁠

So, join me on my journey and let’s see if we can make the world a little kinder, starting by learning how to be kind to ourselves. ⁠

Look out for my next posts about Late Summer – harvest, digestion, self-care for our bellies. Gut issues anyone?! I keep meeting people with gut problems at the moment – every since my last workshop with its focus on the belly. It seems to be a theme that keeps popping up for me and I have so much to share from my own gut-healing journey.⁠

How’s your tummy feeling today?⁠