Late Summer: how’s your digestion?

How well do  you digest your food ? How about the stuff that happens to you? ⁠

Being mindful of how and what we eat can improve how well we digest our food – and how well our guts extract and make the nutrients we need. Mindful eating can be really helpful here. Noticing how our food looks, smells and tastes; taking time to savour, chew, enjoy; meals can be so much more than shovelling energy whilst doing something else.⁠

As for the stuff that happens to us – mindfulness can help us notice the good stuff and savour it (great for your happiness quota) and also accept how things are, rather than reacting with fury when we discover, yet again, that we can’t control the universe (even our tiny corner of it). We can choose how we approach roadblocks and twist and turns – we can bring compassion and acceptance to our lives and learn, slowly and with kindness, to live more skilfully.⁠

Mindfulness with kindness, compassion and acceptance. Powerful practices.⁠