Gut issues anyone?

Gut issues anyone? Me too. My gut healing journey continues and I wanted to share Chris Kresser’s work as I has been life-changing for me.

Chris Kresser is a Functional Medicine practitioner and really knows his stuff so if you have gut issues (or other health issues) I highly recommend checking out his website.

I found that changing my diet only went so far in healing my gut. The negative impact of constant overwork in a highly stressful environment (a secondary school) has caused damage to my health and well-being that I am continuing to heal. 

The effect of stress on the gut is huge – hence my practice of gentle, mindful movement, yoga Nidra, mindfulness and meditation. And this is what I am teaching now – so very different than the relentless focus on Maths GCSE results! I spent years sneaking meditation and well-being into my Maths lessons. Eventually I knew with every fibre of my being that I had to prioritise the teaching of self-kindness.