Fat Days

No, I don’t mean days when you feel fat. Fat Days are what I call those richly satisfying days that seem to be not only wonderfully long, but somehow seem to expand in the middle. Days where I am so in the flow that I am able to shift gently from job, to interest, to activity, in a way that not only results in my to-do list shrinking, but somehow in it not even existing – where everything on there is ok, or even delicious. This dreamlike day is only visible as ‘Fat’ in hindsight. Fat Days cannot be planned, they just happen.

For this reason, I think they tend to happen on a Sunday. I strongly suspect it is the flow state that causes time to bend in this miraculous way. And the to-do list becoming a tasting menu – rather that a life-shortening burden – I suspect is induced by my increased practice of mindfulness.

Drop deep inside yourself and move from there and things start to flow – and time bends. At least it does for me. Unfortunately, my over-active doom-laden mind is far too distracting most of the time for me to live all my days as Fat Days. But I notice an increase in Fat Hours, even ‘Fat Mornings’ and ‘Fat Afternoons’.


Wishing you a Fat Day.