The good thing about the menopause…

The good thing about the menopause….

I’ve noticed an increase in women being more open about their body temperature fluctuating wildly and it reminded me of that stinking hot summer a couple of years back when the weather was truly extraordinary – predictably hot and dry for weeks on end – the kind of weather we moan about in England unless we pay to fly miles away for. I was stuck teaching in a classroom built into a roof with no way of controlling the temperature. It was so unbearably hot that my (male) head of department left halfway through my yearly observation claiming it was too hot to continue. Shocking for lots of reasons, but I find my exasperation with school buildings and management has gone because the treasure, the real gold, for me in this part of my story, is that the shocking thing is I was dealing with intense hot flushes at the time – and I didn’t tell anyone – I didn’t complain, didn’t go to the doctor – and more importantly it was me that stayed in that room with those 30 melting teenagers. And that lack of boundaries, that shocking lack of ability to stick up for myself, to look after this incredibly precious body – that is what led me to damaging my well-being, slowly over time like the frogs boiling in the gradually heated water. And that is what I am grateful to notice, to pay attention to.

…and the good thing about the menopause is that it brought stuff like this to a crisis – the tears, the sleepless nights, the wildly uncooperative body, the perfect storm of emotions and physical signals that started the process of turning my life upside down and forced me to pay attention and really listen to what my body was screaming to tell me.