‘By taking steps so tiny that they seem trivial or even laughable, you’ll sail calmly past obstacles that have defeated you before.’ Robert Maurer

Quote for the week in all my classes. Letting the words wash over my students whilst they dare to lie still in the middle of the day, cosied up in blankets, resting and resetting their nervous systems.

It’s from a great little book I keep coming back to called ‘The Kaizen Way – one small step can change your life’ by Robert Maurer

Tiny steps that don’t alert your nervous system into hyperdrive. No striving and ‘shoulding’ yourself. Gently powerful.

A lesson I’m learning writing my first ecourse and now learning how to launch it. Tech overwhelm happens pretty fast for me, followed closely by my partner reminding me that swearing at the laptop won’t achieve anything and anyway aren’t I supposed to be all calm and mindful these days….

No, of course not! I can be very unmindful and certainly lose my calm. I just know how to get it back and let stuff go. And that’s the magic of practising mindfulness. One of the many gifts and skills for life. Laughing at myself when I walk into the corner of the spare bed in my office, yet again, because I’m happily stuck in my head writing and creating and have become disembodied…until ‘ouch!’ – ah there’s my body.