Reconnecting with an old friend – my body

I love writing but I can quickly become disembodied. Until I get up quickly to let a dog in or out and whack my thigh, yet again and in exactly the same place, and the pain reminds me that I do indeed still possess a very real (and sensitive) body.

I’m convinced that this ability to detach ourselves from our bodies is causing us to end up with problems such as getting stuck in a state of overwhelm and unable to find the off switch. The ability to push on through in order to get stuff down and then rest is remarkable. Our minds are indeed capable of creating a whole alternative reality in which our bodies can be ignored and abused for years in order to get through.

This was certainly the case for me. Ignoring the signals from my body until I was in big trouble. The road back (or forward as I like to think of it) from burnout has been tough and involved listening deeply to my body, as if it were an old friend – which indeed it is. In my case an old friend I hadn’t connected properly with for years, had always meant to but somehow life got in the way. And then suddenly this old friend was in deep trouble and I was forced to stop and listen.

Now I’m learning to move through life in response to my body rather than simply reacting form the over reactions of my mind which remains on high alert – just in case.