How much is overwhelm costing you?

And yes, I do mean financially. How much are you spending on nutritional supplements to ease your exhaustion or treat those niggling undiagnosable symptoms that just won’t go away? Herbs to help you sleep?

How about rushed purchases to make your life easier? More expensive food, clothes that seemed to offer a solution but are left unworn because actually they are not really you at all?

Paying other people to do things you haven’t got time for but would really rather be doing yourself – like walking your dog or looking after your children?

I made some stupid spending decisions in a state of overwhelm. No time or brain space to consider, a rushed reaction to get something shifted off that never-ending worry list.

I finally burned out, leaving a career I’d worked hard for and loved – and that cost me money. Going part-time because I couldn’t cope full time cost me money. It all cost me money and will long-term as my pension is now much reduced.

Now all these things are much more complicated than this. I didn’t just go part-time because of the stress – I first did because I wanted to write, and I loved having that day off just for me. It was worth the pay cut.

And the times I’ve paid others to look after my children was a welcome relief from the exhaustion and isolation, and enabled me to earn money, learn new skills and spend time with adults.

And on a rainy day, particularly those short winter days, knowing my dogs were being walked was sheer heaven.

But overall, overwhelm cost me money. I make better financial decisions when my head is clear, and I take my time. How about you? Because I believe it’s worth considering all the costs – including lost money – because money allows us to look after ourselves and live well. Money is important and overworking to overspend doesn’t seem like a good way to live.

I say all this with love as I sell my unwanted, unsuitable clothes on eBay.