Time to rebel!

Are you a high functioning coper, like me, hiding the fact that you’re often close to tears and not sure why? It felt to me like living on a precipice between achieving masses and it all coming tumbling down with shame, that actually I couldn’t cope – and in the end didn’t want to anymore.

It seems so sad that in a time when we have so much – so much safety and convenience – that so many of us are caught up in this emergency survival mode. Yes, we get through and get a lot done – and yes, a lot of it is necessary – earning money is so necessary, and it matters very much that we do a good job and that we look after our children and others, well. But this constant striving to get through is not really living. It is a waste of a life, a precious life.

As Mary Oliver said, ‘What will you do with your one wild and precious life?’

Get through it – fast, ticking off a to-do list – does not seem to me to be a good enough response.

For me, it’s time to rebel.