The hidden magic within you

Anyone else get stuck in their head trying to figure out how to feel less overwhelmed and then end up with too many ideas and tips and advice to stop getting overwhelmed in the first place?!!! This is what I did for years.

I learnt a lot on the way, some of it helped, some of it less so but the thing that saved me, the thing that works for me is so simple and yet so magical  – my body has the answers.

Of course, I’d read all the platitudes – listen to your heart, follow your gut, everything you need is inside of you – but somehow it was never quite convincing enough and I didn’t really know how to listen. Or I didn’t really trust the controversial messages – (sleep now? Are you kidding I just have to do this…)

Now I do and this is what I teach.

Try it now. Close your eyes and feel your feet on the ground, allow your belly to soften, your shoulders to release away from your ears. Notice how you feel. And then respond to thirst, hunger, tiredness, eye strain, the need to move.

I think one of the simplest ways to practice tuning in and listening is to notice thirst and get a drink when we’re thirsty (rather than after ‘just finishing this…’)

What works for you?