What does Spring feel like in your body?

How does your body feel as we move from winter into spring? Longer days mean shorter nights and maybe waking earlier. Does this make you feel exhausted or excited or both at once?

Once upon a time, I worked as a receptionist in a Natural Health Centre Every Spring would result in a flood of phone calls from people who had hurt their backs from a sudden burst of gardening. 

I’ve never forgotten this. It happened with such regularity, like many seasonal deluges of phone calls for particular kinds of niggles and ailments. The practitioners were so patient, often staying late to squeeze clients in and relieve their suffering.

So, before you do the same with a burst of energy and excitement, tune into your body first and listen, as you would listen to an old friend (which indeed your body is). What does your body need? How does the slow arrival of Spring feel in your body? Before your mind gets overexcited with all the stuff you want to do – what does your body need? Movement? Daylight? Stillness? Can you ease into Spring rather than bounce and then crash and burn before Easter?