Spring doesn’t just happen on March 1st

Spring isn’t like switching on a light switch, not even a slow dimmer. It comes in waves, blossom comes and gets blown by the wind; dandelions emerge and get wilted by frost. I go into the garden and start to create some huge project and the tools get soaked by a deluge of cold rain. I plant seeds and they don’t come up because it’s too cold yet.

Some plants remind me of myself as they rush to bloom and then get only a day to show their efforts before some remnant of winter ruins it all. Others seem wiser and better at biding their time, growing almost imperceptibly and then looking splendid for months. I find tuning into my body and going with my energy, rather than just pushing on through to some external timetable, works well for me nowadays, post burnout and the long road to recovery.

You are unique and it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. So, just for a moment, tune in and listen to what your body is telling you about your own rhythms and energy. What would make you happy this spring? And if that too big a question, what small thing can you do today that would make you smile?