How a leaky door helped me

I make such bad decisions when I’m overwhelmed

Yesterday we had a brand new front door fitted. This momentous event was after two and a half years of water coming under the newly fitted front door I made the unfortunate decision to have fitted when in the midst of immense overwhelm.

It was half term and I was teaching full time so half-term was crammed with as much sleep and catching up of jobs as possible. I was vulnerable to anyone promising to make my life easier. I invited a windows salesperson into our home and let him convince us to buy the windows from him and then thought it would be easier to get the door done too. 

Makes sense, except the next day I had such a strong gut reaction to the door decision. But I talked it out, squashed down the pain in my gut and let my mind overrule my body. 

I know better now. I know that making decisions when I’m overwhelmed is hopeless as I don’t have the headspace I need. And I also know that it is foolish for me to ignore signals from my body.

So, here we are with ruined carpet and skirting board, higher heating bills and the cost of running a dehumidifier plus all the angst of getting a refund and cleaning up water and berating myself for getting the wrong door.

How much more it took than this one highly inconvenient event to convince me to stop pushing my way through life ignoring my overwhelm and exhaustion and start tuning in, listening and responding to the wisdom of my body. Oh yeah, I’ve a ton of other idiot-me stories.