Episode 19: Mumprepreneurs and Overwhelm with Paula Warman of The Landscaper’s Circle

I love this episode!

Paula Warman is a business specialist and sales and growth strategist who helps landscapers, garden designers and other business owners in the landscaping industry. She runs three businesses whilst raising two children, renovating her home and still manages to fit in dog swimming.

Paula is a remarkable woman and also happens to be one of my ideal clients and a founder member of my Overwhelm to Ease membership.

We discuss working from and trying to home school during lockdown, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and what drives her to want so much out of life.

She describes her experiences with overwhelm and  – a complete joy for me to listen to – how working with me is helping her move from shouty Mum to Zen Mum and cope better with the overwhelm.

A great example of a strong women who, like so many, is secretly feeling like they’re surfing the verge of breakdown and yet outwardly holding it altogether, achieving highly and helping others.

You can listen to the episode here.