MONDAY 24TH MAY 12.50-13.20 (BST)
TUESDAY 25TH MAY 12.50-13.20 (BST)
WEDNESDAY 26TH MAY 12.50-13.20 (BST)

Get Your Life Back

Hosted by Heidi Marke, Mentor Teacher Podcaster

Monday's Session

Locate yourself on your map. Fed up of feeling like you're stuck in a never-ending tunnel (and the light at the end keeps getting further and further away)?

It's time for some new perspectives and to challenge limiting beliefs that prevent you living your life with more ease and joy.

Tuesday's Session

Stuck in your head? It's time to listen to your body and to connect to your heart. They have so much to tell you to help you navigate better.

It's time for some new skills and new habits. Because what got you to this level of success (pushing your body too hard, for example), won't get you what you want next ( a sense of empowered ease might be nice?)

Wednesday's Session

Now you know where you are and how you keep ending up back here (know that feeling?!), it's time to start planning how to do things differently, how to make it easy to keep honing your new navigation skills and stay on course as you create your own adventure. Your life, your way.

"I am no longer stressed, far from being on the verge of burnout and have a nice work and life balance. So far so, that I even managed to get a puppy this month, which has been a dream of mine for years.


This is all thanks to small practices Heidi has taught me over the past few weeks, that I have implemented into my everyday life, which take up no time at all, but have a huge impact. These things should be taught at school as life skills."

Exasperated Manager (no more!)

“Heidi's course has enabled me to recognise my boundaries, nourish my mind and develop the skills I need to progress my career in a way that works for me.”

Health care professional


“Heidi has a truly magical way with words. Her playful, yet calm zen approach to working with the mind, has helped me to really work out what is important to me in life and how to live that life with ease.”

Anonymous Testimonial from a formerly pressured professional