Hi, I’m Heidi

I help you break the cycle of stress-overwhelm-exhaustion by tuning into your body, to discover your unique needs and start to create a life that works for you.

I believe the key to living life to the full, without the frustrating exhaustion and paralysis of overwhelm, is to listen to the wisdom in your body.

How often do you override the physical symptoms of thirst, hunger, tiredness to get things done? I did this for years because I loved my job and wanted to work hard and live life to the full. I tried so many different things to try to create the energy I needed to do everything I longed to do.

Frustrated and utterly exhausted I eventually had to quit my job and learn how to create a life that works for me. I did this using the knowledge, skills and experiences gained over my 50 years of living with a thirst to live life to the full, and a passion for psychology and Buddhist philosophy. Retraining with Zen Master Daizan Roshi taught me to listen deeply to my body and ask what it needed. Injuries, pain and exhaustion left me with no choice but to do this – and it works!

Now I teach my way of doing this in classes, workshops and online courses.

Fed up of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed but want to live life as you always imagined you always would?

Let me teach you a simple, powerful way to get out of your whirring busy mind and tune into your body. Find a way to live that works uniquely for you.

You matter. Be kind to yourself.

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