The Shame of Burnout

There’s a lot of shame associated with my burnout. The shame of quitting a career I’d worked hard for – a rather the fact that I’d worked really hard to make myself that miserable. The shame of not being able to find a better way to cope with the demands of the job. Others seem …

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Reflections on my burnout

I was chatting to a friend the other night about my journey to burnout. It was one of those evenings when you just chat and chat about the deep, important stuff. Something, we both agreed that happens infrequently in our busy adult days and very frequently in that extraordinarily, magically disorientating first year at uni …

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Fat Days

No, I don’t mean days when you feel fat. Fat Days are what I call those richly satisfying days that seem to be not only wonderfully long, but somehow seem to expand in the middle. Days where I am so in the flow that I am able to shift gently from job, to interest, to …

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Happy October!

Here’s the new Action for Happiness calendar for you. Click on the link to download it in the format that suits you and enjoy!


Gut issues anyone?

Gut issues anyone? Me too. My gut healing journey continues and I wanted to share Chris Kresser’s work as I has been life-changing for me. Chris Kresser is a Functional Medicine practitioner and really knows his stuff so if you have gut issues (or other health issues) I highly recommend checking out his website. I …

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