A Challenge for you….

Today I challenge you to move through your day being kind to yourself. Before you dismiss this as fluffy hippy nonsense, I urge you to pause and notice what my challenge does to you. Just notice. Notice sensations in your body – tightness or release… or anything… or nothing. Notice where your thoughts go – …

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Why be kind to yourself?

Be kind to yourself because you matter and life is precious. Be kind to yourself because how you move through the world impacts everyone and everything you come into contact with. The attitude you bring to yourself ripples out in ways you cannot control or comprehend. Be kind to yourself because kindness is your superpower.

Yoga to relieve pain and tension

We hold so much in our bodies. I like to look at this from both sides. Bracing ourselves as we push through our to-do list creates problems when we find ourselves in unexpected pain – pain that often won’t seem to budge and feels unreasonable and inexplicable. We get cross and frustrated, wondering why our …

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Yoga for stress and anxiety

Why are so many of us struggling with stress and anxiety? How can yoga help? We have such brilliant minds And yet it often feels like they’re running away with our lives. If you’re one of the many suffering from anxiety you probably know just how brilliant your mind can be at making up nightmarish …

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Heidi Marke

Yoga for Self-Care

One of the things I love about Zen yoga is it’s incorporation of the Five Element system of Oriental health care. Now, I’m no expert on meridians – although I’m learning and keen to learn more – but I love the way having five seasons with corresponding organ systems provides a fundamental starting place for …

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