How a leaky door helped me

I make such bad decisions when I’m overwhelmed Yesterday we had a brand new front door fitted. This momentous event was after two and a half years of water coming under the newly fitted front door I made the unfortunate decision to have fitted when in the midst of immense overwhelm. It was half term …

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Enough trying to sort your inbox

Enough trying to sort your inbox. It will not be sorted. Even if you deleted all your emails, more would come for you to sort. This is not your life. Can you remember what you wanted to do when you were very small? ‘Get my inbox sorted’ was probably not in the top ten.

How much is overwhelm costing you?

And yes, I do mean financially. How much are you spending on nutritional supplements to ease your exhaustion or treat those niggling undiagnosable symptoms that just won’t go away? Herbs to help you sleep? How about rushed purchases to make your life easier? More expensive food, clothes that seemed to offer a solution but are …

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Time to rebel!

Are you a high functioning coper, like me, hiding the fact that you’re often close to tears and not sure why? It felt to me like living on a precipice between achieving masses and it all coming tumbling down with shame, that actually I couldn’t cope – and in the end didn’t want to anymore. …

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Wow – what a difference!

Wow-what a difference! Walked around London this weekend so happy to feel well.  The more I move out of overwhelm, the more I realize what it robbed me of. I’ve never enjoyed the Christmas lights as much as this year – so happy to have the energy to walk for miles, unbothered by the crowds …

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The Shame of Burnout

There’s a lot of shame associated with my burnout. The shame of quitting a career I’d worked hard for – a rather the fact that I’d worked really hard to make myself that miserable. The shame of not being able to find a better way to cope with the demands of the job. Others seem …

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Reflections on my burnout

I was chatting to a friend the other night about my journey to burnout. It was one of those evenings when you just chat and chat about the deep, important stuff. Something, we both agreed that happens infrequently in our busy adult days and very frequently in that extraordinarily, magically disorientating first year at uni …

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