The hidden magic within you

Anyone else get stuck in their head trying to figure out how to feel less overwhelmed and then end up with too many ideas and tips and advice to stop getting overwhelmed in the first place?!!! This is what I did for years. I learnt a lot on the way, some of it helped, some …

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Wow – what a difference!

Wow-what a difference! Walked around London this weekend so happy to feel well.  The more I move out of overwhelm, the more I realize what it robbed me of. I’ve never enjoyed the Christmas lights as much as this year – so happy to have the energy to walk for miles, unbothered by the crowds …

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Exhausted and Overwhelmed?

These are my three steps: Tune into and listen to your body Pay attention to what brings ease to your body In laughably tiny steps start creating a life that works better for you Step 1: Tune into and listen to your body So, your body has the information you are looking for tofeel better. …

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