Success versus health

Success versus health is a nonsense – clearly its a nonsense! It’s like climbing to the top of a mountain and realising you’d left your intestines at the bottom. I realise that’s a really weird metaphor but if id suggested your legs instead of your intestines you’d have said ‘well clearly I’d have known if …

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Gut issues anyone?

Gut issues anyone? Me too. My gut healing journey continues and I wanted to share Chris Kresser’s work as I has been life-changing for me. Chris Kresser is a Functional Medicine practitioner and really knows his stuff so if you have gut issues (or other health issues) I highly recommend checking out his website. I …

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A Challenge for you….

Today I challenge you to move through your day being kind to yourself. Before you dismiss this as fluffy hippy nonsense, I urge you to pause and notice what my challenge does to you. Just notice. Notice sensations in your body – tightness or release… or anything… or nothing. Notice where your thoughts go – …

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Why be kind to yourself?

Be kind to yourself because you matter and life is precious. Be kind to yourself because how you move through the world impacts everyone and everything you come into contact with. The attitude you bring to yourself ripples out in ways you cannot control or comprehend. Be kind to yourself because kindness is your superpower.