Time to rebel!

Are you a high functioning coper, like me, hiding the fact that you’re often close to tears and not sure why? It felt to me like living on a precipice between achieving masses and it all coming tumbling down with shame, that actually I couldn’t cope – and in the end didn’t want to anymore. …

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Reflections on my burnout

I was chatting to a friend the other night about my journey to burnout. It was one of those evenings when you just chat and chat about the deep, important stuff. Something, we both agreed that happens infrequently in our busy adult days and very frequently in that extraordinarily, magically disorientating first year at uni …

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Late Summer Gratitude

Gratitude. It all starts with gratitude. My interests in Positive Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy always bring me back to the primary importance of gratitude as a tool for living more skilfully – for creating the capacity for more joy in our lives.⁠ ⁠ Late Summer is a good time to reflect on everything we have …

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Late Summer Self-Care

Mindful Eating In the Oriental Five Element System, Late Summer is all about the stomach and spleen – organ systems to do with nourishment, digestion, energy, feeling centred, grounded with inner confidence. I’ve called it the season of the belly and am focusing on mindfulness for healthy digestion. Digestion of food for optimal nourishment and …

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