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Classes & Workshops in Wiltshire, Dorset & Somerset

Zen Yoga : Gentle, powerful skills for life

Learn the simple, powerful skill of tuning into your body and listening. 

Gentle space for you to move out of your busy mind and slide back into your body.

Bring a mat and blanket and get cosy for some body-centred mindfulness and healing relaxation.

Life has a tangible habit of ‘overwhelming’ us. Heidi has the remarkable ability to teach you how to relinquish this feeling and helps to encourage you to embrace the chance to give yourself time to be just “you”. Pure and simple. I cannot recommend Heidi enough if you are seeking ‘ease’ in your life.

Sarah Jennings

“I don’t often find time to be kind to myself as I am busy being kind to others (I hope). Coming to one of Heidi’s sessions gives me a moment to focus on myself, and boy does it feel good. I am so relaxed when I finish, I can’t wait for the next one!” LW.

Heidi exudes calm! We did some yoga and meditation outside in the summer sunshine and it was wonderful! The perfect way to simply stop and breathe. Highly recommended! 

Olly Wickes


Heidi’s nourishing workshop was so calming and relaxing. I came away from it feeling so much more peaceful than before, it was really lovely. Would highly recommend it!

 Livia Thorpe

Class schedule, prices and what to bring

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East Knoyle Village Hall



The Davis Hall, West Camel, Yeovil

17.30-18.30 (except last Wednesday of each month)


Shaftesbury Arts Centre



Prices and what to bring

Contact me to book a trial class – I welcome drop-ins but please let me know 

£8 for blocks of pre-booked classes

£38 for a 4-class flexi pass (valid for 3 months)

£10 single paid in advance. Contact me for a payment link

£12 drop-in (if this is a trial class you can choose to absorb this into one of the cheaper options if you decide to sign up)

Please note that I am unable to give refunds

Cards accepted.

Please note class passes are valid for 3 months and non-refundable. But may be used in any class at any time, as long as there is space. Drop-ins welcome – please contact me to check the class is running and that there is space for you.

All ages and levels of fitness welcome but please check with your GP about suitability with any health issues. 

Beginners very welcome & those wanting a slower, gentler or more meditative approach. See Zen Yoga for more information.

Bring a mat and blanket if you have one. Wear loose, comfortable clothing you can move in. Be prepared to work in bare feet but bring socks to keep your feet toasty.

Classes start and finish on time. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time. New students should aim to arrive 10 minutes before to fill out a fitness form and discuss any issues. 

Please check the venue information to help with directions and parking.

Look forward to seeing you.

I have been going to Heidi's class in West Camel since around Easter time this year. It's a quiet space once a week that gives me time to relax, reflect and recharge. I can do the class at my pace, it's never competitive. I never feel judged, just comfortable and appreciated. Recently I've had a series of hospital appointments and tests, and using what I've learnt in class has helped me to manage these appointments and feel grateful for both the appointment and what I've learnt in class. Highly recommended. Annette
Heidi Marke


Nourishing Seasonal Workshops

Workshops with a focus on improving self-care, through experiencing the effects of meditative and mindfulness practices, and taking home suggestions for easy ways to start to incorporate these powerful practices your daily life.

Each workshop is unique, according to the season, but has an underlying structure of Zen yoga (mindful movement), meditation and Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga). Zen yoga is influenced by the oriental system 5 Element system of medicine, so we work with nourishing the organ systems associated with each of the five seasons – a lovely way to focus your self-care throughout the year.

Physically you need to be able to get up and down from a yoga mat – flexibility and experience of yoga is not needed.

Some of the many benefits:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing the damaging effects of constant stress and over-busyness
  • Practising and experiencing the powerful effects of mindfulness and mediation
  • Learning to activate your rest-digest mode so you can unwind properly when you need to
  • Improving the quality of your sleep
  • Developing a more positive relationship with your body and yourself
  • Starting to develop a way to look after yourself
  • Letting go of held patterns of tension and reducing chronic pain
  • Releasing emotions stored in the body in a safe space
  • Increasing your capacity for joy and fun!

What others are saying

‘I slept deeply for 10 hours after the workshop! Amazing.’

‘That was amazing! Thank you so much’

‘That was just what I needed.’

‘I learnt so much about myself.’

‘The workshop was amazing, thank you Heidi! I had a wonderful night’s sleep. Looking forward to the next one.’


Yoga Nidra: The Sleep of the Yogis

The deeply nourishing relaxation of this ancient meditative practice is so needed today and many people find a session to be just what they need to help with overwhelm from busy lives.
Bring your duvet, pillows, blankets – whatever you need to be really comfortable lying on the floor for an hour. You can’t do it wrong – just listen and enjoy.

Read more about Yoga Nidra in this article by the Huffington Post

Venue Information


The Grosvenor Arms, Shaftesbury Directions Website
Shaftesbury Arts Centre, Shaftesbury Directions Website


Ninesprings Natural Health Centre, Yeovil Directions Website
The Davis Hall, West Camel, Yeovil Directions Website


Ashley Wood Farm, Fonthill Gifford, near Tisbury Directions Website
East Knoyle Village Hall Directions Website


The Grosvenor Arms

Assembly Room. Through the main door, turn left, up the stairs, straight on, then turn right. No dedicated parking, please use public car parks nearby.

Shaftesbury Arts Centre

Ninesprings Natural Health Centre

PLEASE NOTE: Onsite parking is reserved for patients at the clinic, please kindly park in one of the nearby public car parks.

The Davis Hall, West Camel

Ashley Wood Farm, Fonthill Gifford, near Tisbury

East Knoyle Village Hall

Plenty of parking available.