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Do you feel like you’re stuck in an increasing state of utter overwhelm?

Fed up with not having the energy to do the things you used to love doing?

Ready to learn simple, gentle, yet powerful ways to move out of overwhelm into ease?

Tried lots of things and run out of headspace to work out what to do to help yourself?

This online course is for you.

This is what my students are saying about me:

Heidi is a dedicated and knowledgable teacher who authentically weaves together her skills with insights gained from her own journey to wellness.

Jeni Edge

Life has a tangible habit of overwhelming us. Heidi has the remarkable ability to teach you how to relinquish this feeling and encourage you to embrace the chance to give yourself time to be just “you”. Pure and simple. I cannot recommend Heidi enough if you are seeking more ease in your life.

Sarah Jennings

Heidi is a really fantastic teacher. She really understands that feeling of too much going on, and genuinely wants to help by giving you the space and permission to stop everything else and take some time to look after yourself. I love that you can’t do the exercises wrong – you just do what feels right for you.

Livia Thorpe