Ready to quit struggling and start loving your life? Want to STOP PUSHING your poor brain to focus through the fog of overwhelm?

Want to feel successful not just work really hard to hold onto your success?

If you're sick of the struggle with that frustrating overwhelm-exhaustion circle


If you're spending more and more of your precious time, energy and headspace focusing on surviving the working day without giving the game away about just how stressed you really feel

Then you're ready for:


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Here's the short version:

You've worked really hard to create a life that looks successful, that 'should' feel successful but feels increasingly overwhelming and pressured. 

You're frustrated by this overwhelm-exhaustion circle you seem to be trapped in because you have so much more adventure in you and yet you find yourself constantly postponing it to keep your plates spinning on your spinning plates.

You don't know what happened. You worked hard because you were promised this would give you more fulfilment, money and choice over how you spend your time. But somehow you're still waiting for this to be true.

You know you 'should' be grateful. Your life is so good in so many ways. But why don't you feel successful yet? When does the striving end? When will you arrive and get to breathe out?

This is NOT the life you intended to live. 


You want yourself back.

And you want it now, please!!

Get Your Life Back is the group coaching programme that teaches you how to get your life back - and then some.

THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO START YOUR ADVENTURE OUT OF OVERWHELM (for good - like 'I'm the kind of person who lives without overwhelm')

It fits into your life supporting you out of overwhelm immediately without adding to your overwhelm (kind of essential don't you think - but also quite an achievement if I say so myself - and I do and so do all the people who have been through it - it's genius!)

I get it - I was where you are

I thought I was coping really well.

I assumed that to have the success I wanted, overwhelm and exhaustion were part of the deal.

I loved my work and I loved being the go-to person to get things done

And them (despite being the well-being lead) I suddenly surprised myself by completely burning out

I lost my passion for my work, my confidence and my health

I quit my hard-worked for career and lost the financial security I had strived for




wake up every morning and commit to yourself first (without feeling selfish)

move through your day being able to think clearly

feel comfortable in your own skin

feel at home in your life

have time for yourself and the things that matter to  you

be able to be present with those you love

and feel connected to that lost part of yourself - the part that laughs easily and knows how to have fun!


#1: MAP

Get really clear where you are and why.

Because you can only start with accepting and understanding where you are.

Uncover the habits and beliefs that got you this far but are stopping you living your full adventure.


#2: Compass

Learn to tap into your internal navigation system.

Learn to listen to your body, connect to your heart and control your attention.

New skills to navigate towards a life that works uniquely for you, at each stage and season.

#3 Dream & Plan

Create your own adventure.

Your life, your way.

Learn how to stay on course despite the inevitable storms.

See obstacles as a chance to learn and gain more control.

Create the structure of embedded habits that support you in continuing to commit to yourself.


 You're not alone

It's not just you

There are a lot of successful women who secretly feel completely overwhelmed

Being coached together and supporting each other inside your team's messaging group is so good!



That's me!

Your guide on this adventure and your BIGGEST CHEERLEADER

Always here for  you

No question is silly



A selection of resources will gradually be given to you each week so that by the end of the 12 weeks you will have picked your favourites WITHOUT getting overwhelmed by choice. Clever hey?

I've got you! We don't do overwhelm around here!




So, what's the difference between group coaching and 1:1?

Firstly, I'm passionate about both and love both methods.

Some people prefer to be coached on a 1:1 basis (if that's you please do ask about working with me this way)

Here's the power of being in one of my group coaching programmes:

I'm really good at creating and holding strong, loving, supportive and highly confidential spaces

Which means you get the benefit when working in a group of being able to be vulnerable whilst feeling safe and held with love

The act of holding space and listening deeply to the other members of your team is a magical privilege (which has been very transformative for me personally in the programmes I have been part of)

When the other team members are being coached you are expected to be fully present to what they are saying - this is a skill that takes practice and that practice will overflow into all of your relationships creating an unexpectedly lovely ripple effect

When the others are being coached you will see yourself in what they are saying and this is a gift - you will feel seen and heard in a way no one else can do for you because these women are you. We are the women we compare ourselves to - when you meet them you see just how amazing you are!


When I was where you are (which I was for several years, trying EVERYTHING I could google, until I  'broke', quit my job and then spent the next few months trying to restore my health and find a different way to live) - I just wanted was my life back.

I didn't understand how I had ended up in such a ridiculous situation. I had achieved so many of my goals - nice home, well-paid fulfilling work, lovely supportive partner - and yet all my hard-won success seemed to be really hard to hold together.

I found it harder and harder to let go of my working day. I didn't stay late (often), and I didn't take work home regularly, but still it seemed to leak into the rest of my life.

Then in order to cope, I started doing everything I could to reduce my stress, which meant that more and more of my life was about recovering from work - patching myself up to go back into the fray. My schedule go tighter and tighter as I tried to maintain nourishing sleep, food and exercise patterns to have the energy and focus I needed to get through the pressured work day.

I tried to fit in the things that mattered to me - walking my dogs, yoga, gardening, meeting friends, reading those books that were piling up by my bedside but it was REALLY HARD!
I felt like I was losing some essential part of myself. The part that used to be lighter, freer, more playful. Everything became serious and heavy.

This was not the life I had intended to live.

I had become the person I swore I would never be - the person who put work first.

I was genuinely shocked to find that the inconvenient tear leakage I thought I had under control started erupting more frequently and uncontrollably. When I could no longer stand it and found myself quitting my job and a career I had once loved and worked hard for, I was honestly surprised. Why did I not know how stressed was? 

I found out on the road to recovery just what had happened to me and why. I dug deep, I did the inner work. 

Then I taught yoga for a while as I regained my confidence. I listened to the women who said they destressed within minutes of arriving in my class. I watched those too overwhelmed to speak, who paid me for the permission to lie on a mat completely still cosseted by a blanket for an hour.

And then I remembered who I am and that I wanted more out of life than just silent recovery. I took everything I'd learnt, blended it with my knowledge and skills (my degree is Psychology and I retrained with a Zen Master - pretty cool hey?!) and started teaching online courses and workshops. I podcasted. I blogged. I found my unique contribution to the conversation, my way of working in the world.

The results amazed me. I upgraded my work. Had the courage to pour even more of myself into it. The results for my clients continue to astound me. I am proud of what I have had the courage to create.

And I offer it to you with love.

Because today I live without overwhelm or exhaustion. I live my life, my way and it is magical. I would have thought that to have this was impossible.

I would love to invite you to make what might seem impossible for you right now - possible.


"I have more energy, I work with a feeling of purpose, I sleep better and I simply enjoy my life much more. Oh - AND I get more done.”

"Get Your Life Back is a quiet explosion of limitations that held me back from living fully. I came across Heidi's work while transitioning from employment to setting up my own business in a completely new field (and taking care of a hyperactive puppy)."

"I felt exhausted and very stressed, looking at the future with anxiety."

"The structured guidance Heidi gives in the program helped me see my destructive habits and beliefs with clarity and gently let them go."

-Anna Senko, Garden Designer

"What I've got from Get Your Life Back is priceless - you just can't put a price on it."

 "You're teaching us how to live our lives the way that we want to live our lives, and that's going to last for the rest of our lives. How do you put a price on that?"

"... and then if I think of the cost of reducing my hours at work or leaving my job - that's going to cost thousands of pounds over the years."

"I cannot recommend Heidi and her GYLB course enough."

"During the last few months Heidi has taught me the skills I need to recognise how I want to live my life, and the confidence to make choices and changes to do that. Heidi creates a welcoming, supportive and safe environment that allows you to explore what you really want from your life and how to get there. If you feel you are ready to get your life back then I highly recommend Heidi Marke and GYLB!"


-Cassie Tozer, Health Professional


You've worked really hard to create a successful life. So why does it feel like you're still pushing and striving? Shouldn't you be able to breathe out by now? (Are you feeling a bit like a child in the back of the car asking 'Are we there yet?'?!)

You push your poor brain to focus until it hurts - like it’s bruised

You’re exhausted but can’t switch off

You think there’s something wrong with you and compare yourself to others who seem to cope better and enjoy their life more than you

You’re awake at 4 am being through-bombed by fake emergencies

You know your life is great and that you should feel grateful but it doesn’t feel that way to you

You put on a suit of armour to get through your day in the belief that you just need to toughen up

I could go on (I geek out on how successful women end up secretly struggling with overwhelm) but you get the picture!

IF YOU'VE LISTENED TO MY PODCAST you know I start by asking my guests:

"Tell me about your adventures in overwhelm"

Imagine being able to answer this question from the other side of the adventure

Because no other way will do

Only you know how to live your life

But overwhelm does a dam good job of hiding it from you

And it's just how we were taught to be successful 

Overload your mind, ignore your body and push on through - and as for your heart, well, only fools follow their heart (you want to end up barefoot and pregnant?!)

But the truth is it is only when we dare to connect to our hearts and really listen that we connect to our purpose and what we really love. Without this, we become weary of the constant doing with a nagging sense that this isn't what we really wanted to be doing with our lives. 

And when we listen to the body like the old friend it indeed is, we discover how to take proper care of ourselves, to love and accept and nourish ourselves with rebellious acts of self-care. This is how we get the energy and vitality we long for. Not by scheduling exercise, shoving food down between meetings and treating our bodies like inconvenient ways to transport our minds around.

 We were mistaught to allow our minds to be in charge but as brilliant as they are they just haven't evolved to do the job effectively without the heart and the body weighing in. Your mind is easily distracted (it's supposed to be - to save your life) and is always on the lookout for bears (again, to save your life) If you want more than to be saved from bears you're going to have to learn some new skills. (see module 2)

Anyway I'm rambling because I geek out on this stuff and could talk about it for hours so here's what you need to know next:

What would joining Get Your Life Back give you (assuming you go all-in with us):

The ability to think clearly. To focus effectively and with purpose on the things that matter the most to you (instead of procrastinating, repeating tasks, wasting time searching for stuff, making mistakes and then apologising for said mistake all whilst pushing your poor bruised brain through the concrete fog of overwhelm -ouch! Enough of that nonsense.)

The ability to be present with those you love. To be able to hear your partner speak instead of competing with the thoughts bombing your mind about things you forgot to do, must remember to do or didn't do well enough.

To be able to put yourself first, feel like you have time for yourself and the things that matter to you without that nagging pull that you are being selfish and 'ought' to be doing something from your to-do list.

The ability to switch off, unwind and relax - free of that nagging sense that you should have achieved more and done things better so that you can - laugh easily again and be fun to be around again.

The ability to take really good care of your body - with love and ease. (Yep, you get to discover your favourite rebellious acts of self-care - wahoo for you!)

The ability to weather storms and reverse obstacles so that you can stay committed to your new adventure (this is in the exciting module 3)

I could go on and on because having run this programme for over 18 months I know how well it works - and that this is just the beginning of what becomes possible for you.