£550.00 GBP

Breakthrough The Overwhelm

Experience what it’s like to be able to focus on yourself and what’s possible for you when the pressure and overwhelm is lifted.

Doing this for even just for an hour - is life-changing.


You have all the knowledge and resources you need to end your struggle and start living your life, your way.

But in today’s world of constant mind-overload it can be really hard to access that powerful knowledge.


The Breakthrough The Overwhelm Package is designed to get you the clarity you need to access that knowledge for yourself - and to support you in actually using it to make a tangible difference.



  • One 60 minute coaching session over Zoom
  • One month of support via email/a messenger app
  • The resources you need to support you (either from my tried and trusted collection or made especially for you)
  • Me as your biggest cheerleader!
  • Plus - both my tiny-huge life-changing courses (value £224)




What People Are Saying:

“Hi Heidi, just a quick message to say THANK YOU for the breakthrough session! It was really helpful in reviewing all the ways I can really "walk my talk" and thrive outside of my coaching business. I've been able to zone in on what really matters to me!”

Mina Odavic, CEO of Thrive with Mina

“Grounded, straight-talking, cuts through the crap and waffle to help you find the real nuggets of gold that lurk beneath the surface. You leave with positive grounded action.”

Lexie Wrightson, Entrepreneur

“I absolutely loved my breakthrough session with Heidi! A great listener and completely understanding of your needs, Heidi truly changes your perspective and brings you out of overwhelm! I went from a lot of 'I don't knows' to a small task of highlighting my to-do list and feeling empowered to make a change in my business by reallocating tasks that fulfil me.”

Charlotte Russell, Marketing Expert