Overwhelm is optional. It's time to rebel against the idea that it's just the way things are.

Bespoke Coaching to support your personal Gentle Rebellion

Find freedom from the usual overwhelm-exhaustion cycle.

Start living your life your way.

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Experience the clarity and ease that is hiding behind the overwhelm.


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Get Your Life Back

The programme that teaches you how to gently, but firmly rebel against the idea that to have the life you want you have to push through overwhelm and exhaustion.


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Is 1:1 Coaching For You?

Are you sick and tired of struggling to find the time to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create? Want to stop feeling like you’re spinning plates on spinning plates just to hold it all together? Ready to stop postponing the things that are important to you?

This high quality 1:1 coaching is for hardworking conscientious professionals who are sick of postponing their life in order to have well paid work they love.

Find freedom from overwhelm and exhaustion so that you can keep your well-paid fulfilling work and have a full and happy life outside of work -  without compromising your integrity or letting anyone else down.

1:1 coaching bespoke to your individual needs - with the support and resources that fit into your life in the midst of your overwhelm. Tiny practices that fit into your day and support you throughout your day - meaning that you feel and see results immediately and continuously. No need to wait until things are ‘calmer’.

This is life-changing work. The skills you will gain and the perspective shifts you will enjoy will free you from the old way we were taught - that to have more freedom and choice later you have to sacrifice your life 'temporarily' now. What if that's not true?