What is The Gentle Rebellion?

The Gentle Rebel commits to herself first - to living her life, her way

She rejects the idea that success comes through sacrifice and plays with the delicious idea that success comes through happiness.

And instead of overloading her mind in order to live the full life she longs to live, she listens to her body, connects to her heart and controls her attention - gradually embedding the new skills, new habits and new beliefs and ways of looking at the world that free her from the life-crushing, energy-zapping, focus-draining overwhelm and exhaustion cycle she accidentally found herself trapped in.

She is starting to understand that she is both perfect and a work in progress.

And that the work is to gently, but firmly, let go of the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with her.

As she lets go of each layer of nonsense and fear that keep her struggling to live a life not meant for her, she gets to be more and more herself.

Her dreams come true by being herself, loving herself, accepting herself - just as she is.

And this is how The Gentle Rebel gets to create a life that works for her.

A life she feels at home in.

The Gentle Rebellion is for the quiet rebels - those who refuse to accept that exhaustion and overwhelm are inevitable if you want well-paid, satisfying work.

Your struggle to create a successful life has led to severe overwhelm - the life-crushing, energy-draining, focus-zapping overwhelm.

The kind of overwhelm that keeps you trapped in the struggling rebel cycle of overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration, feeling like there’s something wrong with you, that if only you could do more and be better everything would magically fall into place and you could manage your life without anyone realising how close to breaking you feel inside.

You are not alone. 

There is nothing wrong with you.

And you may just have stumbled on exactly what you need.

The Gentle Rebellion is for you if you’re sick of pushing yourself to breaking point to achieve and maintain the life you want.

It is a rejection of the idea that success means destroying the rest of your life to get somewhere better.

It allows you to stop questioning yourself - to let go of your self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy and say no to ways of doing things that don’t suit you.

It recognises that there is not one solution but the need to adapt, to be aware of your unique needs and wants as you change and grow.

It rejects the idea that well paid satisfying work comes at the cost of your health and ability to have fun.

The Gentle Rebellion is about learning how to find your unique way of being in the world - personal development which starts from the idea that you are both perfect and a work in progress. That the work is to gently, but firmly let go of the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. 

Personal growth and a way to a fulfilling life without the constant harsh pushing to be better and striving to do more.


How do you join?

By deciding to!

By committing to yourself first, to discovering your unique way of being in the world. 

By letting go of beliefs that tell you there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

By letting go of habits of treating yourself with anything less than love and acceptance. 

By developing the kind of compassion for yourself that you so readily have for everyone else.

This means developing deep self-awareness and gently (in the way of a Gentle Rebel) challenging your old beliefs and habits as you start to see that they are too harsh for you.

By choosing freedom and fun over punishing schedules and goals. Because wasn’t the point of the schedules and goals to have more freedom and fun?

Listen to The Overwhelm is Optional podcast for tools and tips on becoming a Gentle Rebel