Introducing …

For Days When You’re Too Busy


So if you’ve used my one minute tune-in you’ll have got a glimpse of what’s possible for you and your life when you tune in and listen to the wisdom of your body.


But embedding the technique into your life is essential if you are to start living the life you always meant to create - with empowered ease and a heart overflowing with joy.


And so of course, as an Ambassador for Ease I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to incorporate the powerful technique of Neutral Noticing into your life (of which the one minute tune-in is just the beginning of a whole new adventure!)

Yes please!

Because days when you’re too busy are exactly the days when you need to tune in the most, and - if you can do it on those days, you can definitely do it on the easier days!


“Heidi has helped to stop the whirring in my head! Having suffered overwhelm and stress in my previous career, I wish I'd found her sooner. I continue to use the techniques to get out of my head, which now as an entrepreneur is more important than ever.”


Kelly Hinds, Entreprenuer

Morning Tune-in

(1.5 minutes)

Do you wake up bracing yourself against the day, wondering how you’re going to get everything done? Take a moment on waking, before you even get out of bed, to restart your day tuned-in. 

Lunchtime Reset

(2.5 minutes)

Do you ever long for a lunchtime nap? Wish you could just have a moment to yourself to reboot before facing the afternoon?

Well, now you can. Find somewhere to hide for a moment if you can - or just pop your headphones on and tune-in anyway.

Bedtime Unwind

(4 minutes)

Let go of your day with this short tune-in.

Get snuggled up in bed and just listen.

For Days When You're Too Busy

Because if you can tune-in on the too busy days - you can tune-in any day!

And because days when you are too busy to tune-in are exactly the days when you need to tune-in.

Yes please!