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Overwhelm is Optional
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Bespoke 1:1 Coaching

Coaching to support you in finding your way.

Because you are unique and following the rules just hasn't worked for you.

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Get Your Life Back

Imagine having the skills, habits and beliefs to dare to be creating a life that works for you.

This is the much-loved group coaching programme that supports you to create a life you feel at home in.

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Are you ready to start feeling at home in your life?

Want to ditch the stress and overwhelm NOT your dreams and hard-won success?

Yes please!

You were promised that if you worked hard you would be rewarded with a life of freedom and choice.

But instead, you find yourself living a life that is successful - you have work that pays well and you love (or at least you used to), the house, the partner, the holidays, the dog. But you struggle to feel successful because you're always waiting until the current project or crisis ends so that you can relax, remember how to laugh and have fun - TO ACTUALLY FEEL SUCCESSFUL.

This is not the life you intended to live.

This is not the life you worked hard for.

This is not what the temporary sacrifice was for.

You want your life back! 

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Bespoke coaching is for you if you’re ready:


To quit trying to squeeze yourself into a life that just doesn’t work for you


And start committing to living your life, your way.


You don’t want to quit or downsize your dreams (even if sometimes you feel it would be easy to just give up and go and live in a camper van by the sea!)


You’ve had enough of self-development hell and the constant pressure to improve yourself


You want to stop spending so much of your time and energy managing your life to cope with work pressures and start using that precious time and energy for the things that you keep putting off but long to do - enjoying the success you’ve already created and being present with those you love.


You want a way to reclaim your life without causing major disruption so you don't lose your hard-won professional respect. 


You wish the world was less harsh so that you can feel safe to be your lovely self.


You’re sick of putting on a suit of armour to get through the day and then finding it so hard to switch off and stop work leaking into the rest of your life. 


You want to work with a coach so that you can sort yourself out in private before anyone else realises how overwhelmed you really feel.


You want 1:1 teaching of the methods and tools that will empower you to take your life back and start making it work for you.

"I feel a world away from the heavy, clamouring manic-ness of overwhelm and the judgemental weighty chatter in my mind which was my life just a few months ago. 

Your truly special skills and knowledge work better than anything I have experienced.  I have invested in what is reputed to be world-class coaching before, personal growth is essential to me, however, nothing comes close to your unique approach, your dedication and attention to detail. 

I have absolutely loved that we started with an end goal clearly defined and we tracked progress with weekly notes and exercises.  It has been inspirational.  I now feel I have all the tools I need to have an unexpectedly lovely life and proven techniques to call on when life decides to throw curveballs.  My life now feels fun, light and exciting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To anyone out there who is stuck in overwhelm and ‘just getting by’ I urge you to contact Heidi.  There is a way to live the life you want without drowning and Heidi will show you how.  She is amazing."

Jennifer Wheeler
Founder of The Career Progression Programme


Save when you pay in full or £1111 x 5 monthly payments

  • 3 x 90-minute clarity and strategy sessions (to keep you focused on exactly what is most important to you)

  • 8 x 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Resources as needed - bespoke or from my tried and tested collection

  • Unlimited weekday support
  • Me as your biggest cheerleader!
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Save when you pay in full or £1111 x 3 monthly payments

  • 10 x 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Resources as needed - bespoke or from my tried and tested collection

  • Unlimited weekday support
  • Me as your biggest cheerleader!


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Save when you pay in full or £1111 x 2 monthly payments

  •  6 x 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Resources as needed - bespoke or from my tried and tested collection

  • Unlimited weekday support
  • Me as your biggest cheerleader!
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You're done with struggling to choose between health and happiness and fulfilling work

You want your life back!

Doors reopen soon - it's time to book a chat and find out if it's for you!

Get Your Life Back is the group coaching programme for successful, lovely women who are done with the struggle to live in a way that works for them.

You're ready to join The Gentle Rebellion and start creating a life that works for you.

Get Your Life Back


Save when you pay in full or 10 monthly payments of £547

  • 12 Week adventure bootcamp that fits into your life and supports you as you learn the skills of the Gentle Rebel
  • 12 weekly coaching sessions to lovingly hold you in the confidential space you need to allow yourself to embrace your inner rebel
  • Followed by 9 months of support and accountability including monthly group coaching sessions and unlimited weekday support
  • All the resources you need in the way you need them - tiny teaching videos, short audios - everything is tried and tested to reduce your overwhelm whilst you learn to deal with the root cause and make the shifts you need to get your life back 
  • Supportive group lovingly held in a confidential powerful container of other women all reclaiming their lives and embracing their inner rebel.
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"I wasn't sure whether investment into the paid program would give me much more than I'd already heard from Heidi's podcast. 

However, enrolling in Get Your Life Back made a huge difference

Heidi's structured guidance let me look at the roots of my overwhelm and then gave me an accelerated leap forward out of feeling constantly tired, insomniac, and not managing all the fronts of my life. 

But most importantly, it gave me a solid foundation on which I am building my happiness and business without exhaustion and self-judgement.

In-person follow up sessions (9 months!) and the community support are incredibly important in staying committed to my new ways when navigating through challenges. Even if old habits take over from time to time, with a bit of help I can quickly regain solid footing.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

Anna Senko, Garden Designer

Here's why booking a discovery call with me is an act of gentle rebellion

If, like me, you learnt from an early age to be self-sufficient and not ask for help then, booking a call to have me hold the space for you to even consider the idea of working with me is an act of rebellion.

But, it's a gentle act of rebellion. You have nothing to fear. A good discovery call from a coach that is right for you is a gift to yourself because it will empower you and make you feel good.

I'm writing this because I know there have been times in my life when booking a call with a good coach would have been a smart move but I listened to my mind tell me all the reasons why I shouldn't. I wish I'd known then how empowering it is to be listened to and coached through the overwhelm; How freeing it is to see the options you can't see, that are quite literally, hidden underneath the fog of overwhelm.

Book a call and clear the fog of overwhelm