Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Clarity and Calm?

In the relentless pursuit of success, overwhelm has become a constant companion for many driven, big-hearted professionals.

But what if you could turn that overwhelm into your greatest ally, finding clarity, focus, and ease even in the midst of chaos?



Welcome to the transformative 7-day audio course designed specifically for you: the ambitious professional who leads with heart and drive but yearns for balance.

Listen effortlessly for just a few minutes every day for 7 days and gain:

  • Insightful Understanding: Learn why overwhelm is a natural part of the human condition and how you can make it optional.
  • Practical Tools: Gain skills in Neutral Noticing, self-compassion, and prioritising self-care to navigate your daily challenges with ease.
  • Transformative Practices: Engage in daily exercises that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, fostering lasting change.

DAY #1

Introduces the idea that overwhelm is inevitable due to our evolutionary predisposition to scan for danger, leading to chronic stress. It emphasizes self-compassion and the need to understand our thought patterns.

DAY #2

Explores the coexistence of overwhelm and ease, highlighting the mind's negative bias. It introduces the practice of Neutral Noticing to shift focus from overwhelm to ease, suggesting body awareness exercises to train attention towards more positive experiences.

DAY #3

Focuses on gaining control over feelings of overwhelm through the practice of Neutral Noticing, encouraging you to move attention from the mind to the body and observe reactions non-judgmentally. It discusses the natural coexistence of ease and overwhelm, teaching you how to control your attention to uncover the ease beneath the overwhelm.

DAY #4

Invites you to move towards self-acceptance by observing negative thought patterns without self-judgment. Emphasizes self-reflection and noticing judgmental self-talk, particularly words like "should," "ought," and "better". 

DAY #5

Concentrates on training your attention to notice positive aspects and small comforts in the present moment to counteract the mind's negative bias. It encourages finding ease in small bodily sensations and the environment, avoiding positive affirmations that dismiss real emotions, and fostering an appreciation for positive experiences amidst discomfort.

DAY #6

Invites you to internalize and apply the insights gained throughout the course, emphasizing the importance of prioritising ease and joy over constant achievement. It encourages you to shift your focus from goal attainment, highlighting the benefits of prioritising ease and finding balance in daily routines.

DAY #7

Culminates the course by reinforcing the importance of self-kindness as a transformative practice that facilitates nourishment, rest, and meeting core needs. It encourages a beginner's mindset, curiosity about the causes of overwhelm, and the positive ripple effects of self-kindness, suggesting actionable steps to use self-kindness in addressing sources of overwhelm.

Throughout the 7 days, the course weaves together a tapestry of mindfulness practices, self-awareness exercises, and practical strategies aimed at fostering a more balanced and ease-filled life, emphasising the transformative power of self-compassion and the intentional redirection of attention towards more positive and nurturing experiences.



Professional woman strong and at ease

"This mini-course has been an excellent tool to bring in some lightness when I was suffocating under the crowd of tasks and duties, all urgent, all important.

Heidi doesn't try to dissipate the storm, but short daily audios ordered in a logical sequence show the path through the eye of a cyclone.

I come back to this course whenever life rolls out of control and I need to rebalance my nervous system out of reactivity mode. "


"What I particularly appreciate about Heidi is that she has both credibility and humanity.  She is ‘real’: grounded, genuine and human.  Her approach doesn’t reinforce my “not good enough” messages, nor does she deny them; she recognises them, accepts they’re there, whilst compassionately guiding me towards my own inner wisdom and direction. 

It initially seemed a total contradiction to move forward with ease and purpose, but now, I get it. 

Thank you Heidi."





  • Access to 1 new tiny soothing teaching audio every day for 7 days
  • Lifetime access - because you'll get something different each time you listen
  • Free app to access from your phone with ease



  • Access to 1 new tiny soothing teaching audio every day for 7 days
  • Lifetime access - because you'll get something different each time you listen
  • Free app to access from your phone with ease
Heidi Marke, The Gentle Rebel Coach



With hindsight, I can see where my struggles began…


I made the mistake of believing that freedom, and satisfying work, can’t be found together.


And so, I tried giving up one for the other. 


Neither way worked. Eventually, I found myself quitting my hard-worked-for career, losing my confidence and damaging my health.


I rebuilt my life on the premise that satisfying work, and the freedom to be myself and look after myself, are non-negotiable.


How I did this became The Gentle Rebellion.


Now I help others do the same.