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Fed up of the stressed-overwhelmed-exhausted cycle? Tune into you body and reconnect with its wisdom. Craft a life that works uniquely for you.

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Life has a tangible habit of ‘overwhelming’ us. Heidi has the remarkable ability to teach you how to relinquish this feeling and helps to encourage you to embrace the chance to give yourself time to be just “you”. Pure and simple. I cannot recommend Heidi enough if you are seeking ‘ease’ in your life.
Sarah Jennings
I have been going to Heidi's class in West Camel since around Easter time this year. It's a quiet space once a week that gives me time to relax, reflect and recharge. I can do the class at my pace, it's never competitive.  I never feel judged, just comfortable and appreciated. Recently I've had a series of hospital appointments and tests, and using what I've learnt in class has helped me to manage these appointments and feel grateful for both the appointment and what I've learnt in class.  Highly recommended. 
“Heidi is a dedicated and knowledgable teacher who authentically weaves together her skills with insights gained from her own journey to wellness. Participating in her workshop I found myself being gently guided towards finding greater ease in my mind and body.”
Jeni Edge
I was initially unsure about going to yoga due to a number of health issues. Heidi’s class turned out to be the perfect one for me. I used to do relaxation & had lost the habit so it has been fantastic to be back in touch with things I had nearly forgotten. It is an hour in the week where I can switch off & concentrate on me, my mind & my body. The yoga has proven to be both subtle yet powerful. Heidi has such a gentle calm approach I feel shrouded in care. She is clear that I only do what I feel OK with & this really works for me. I feel cocooned in an oasis of calm with a teacher who creates a safe, welcoming and nurturing atmosphere. Even when I feel exhausted I look forward to this lovely time out. Currently Works as a receptionist at Ninesprings Natural Health centre. Previously worked as Programme Manager/Lecturer for Health Studies at Plymouth University
Annie Watts
Receptionist Ninesprings Natural Health Centre. Retired Programme Manager and Lecturer for Health Studies at Plymouth University
"Spent a wonderfully cosy and calm morning with Heidi doing Nidra Yoga which meant you went back into life feeling nurtured, centered, peaceful and able to cope." 
Wow, what an amazing workshop. Today was the first time I have attended anything like this, so i was a little anxious and unsure quite what to expect. Heidi created such a warm and welcoming environment that I felt at ease as soon as I arrived. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyable and I would I highly recommend Heidi's workshop to anyone who wants to spend a bit more time taking care of themselves. I cant wait for the next one. Thanks Heidi.
“Heidi is a really fantastic teacher. She really understands that feeling of too much going on, and genuinely wants to help by giving the space and permission to stop everything else and take some time to look after yourself. I love that you can’t do the exercises wrong in Heidi’s classes - you just do what feels right for you. I came away feeling much more aware of myself and my thoughts in a nice calm way.”
Livia Thorpe
"I don't often find time to be kind to myself as I am busy being kind to others (I hope). Coming to one of Heidi's sessions gives me a moment to focus on myself, and boy does it feel good. I am so relaxed when I finish, I can't wait for the next one!"
Heidi exudes calm! We did some yoga and meditation outside in the summer sunshine and it was wonderful! The perfect way to simply stop and breathe. Highly recommended!
Olly Wickes
Sound Engineer
Having worked with Heidi in teaching for several years we watched each other descend into being overwhelmed and emotionally crushed. But now Heidi is her own testament to a much healthier approach to life and increased wellbeing. She has helped provide a way of letting go for many of us! Thank you Heidi!
Rachel Day
Maths Tutor