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Heidi Marke

Helping successful women FEEL successful

Gentle Rebel Coach 

Host of The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast


Hi, I'm Heidi Marke

Gentle Rebel Coach, Podcaster, gardener, adorer of trees, dogs, books and the freedom to be me.

I’m here to inspire you to join me in gently rebelling against the idea that we have to choose between work that fulfils us and everything else that matters to us.
We don’t - you get to create a life you feel at home in.
Gently, in your own way (without anyone else noticing).

You're committed to being the best version of yourself


You believe in living life to the full


You've worked hard to have work that fulfils you


You love adventure and fun and freedom


But you're struggling to work and live.


More and more of your time and energy outside of work is going into making sure you can cope with the working week.


You believe that if you can get more done (be better at productivity and time management) then you will eventually find the peace of mind that will allow you to switch off from work and get back to the life you really want to live.


But increasingly you’ve noticed that it doesn't seem to matter how good a job you do it's really hard to switch off and leave work at work. There's always something to disturb your time off. Always something to wake you in the night as if its an emergency.

And you don't like how tired you’ve become. Sometimes you ache all over even though you’ve been sitting for most of the day. Or your brain feels bruised and mushy after pushing to get things ticked off before the weekend.

You're surprisingly snappy with your partner and tired of apologising to friends for cancelling or on the rare night out for spending too much of the evening offloading your work stress. What's wrong with you? Where’s the part of you that laughs easily and knows how to have fun gone?

When did you become the kind of person who puts work above everything else?! That’s never been you. Yes, work is important to you but a full life includes so much more!

Why are more and more of your holidays about recovering rather than adventure? This doesn’t feel like you. Is it just what happens as we get older?

And why do tears keep suddenly leaking on your way from work? Why does it feel too much to be greeted enthusiastically by your dog when you get through the door?


This is not the life you intended to live.


The life you worked so hard to create was not supposed to be like this.


You want your life back.

Pushing yourself to ‘temporary’ exhaustion is a habit worth letting go of.

Pushing yourself to think through a completely overwhelmed mind is a habit worth breaking.

Pushing yourself to be better at everything, as if you are a problem that needs to be solved? That’s a habit worth dumping right now!

Ease is a practice. It is NOT what you get after pushing yourself through a ‘temporary’ busy period.  That’s frazzled.

If ease was what you get for pushing yourself to get stuff done, wouldn’t you have a ton of it by now?

If the habits of sacrifice and ‘temporary’ postponement of your health and happiness are no longer working for you, it’s time for some new habits.


Listen to The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast

To anyone out there who is stuck in overwhelm and ‘just getting by’ I urge you to contact Heidi.  There is a way to live the life you want without drowning and Heidi will show you how.  She is amazing.

I feel a world away from the heavy, clamouring manic-ness of overwhelm and the judgemental weighty chatter in my mind which was my life just a few months ago. 

Your truly special skills and knowledge works better than anything I have experienced.  I have invested in what is reputed to be world-class coaching before, personal growth is essential to me, however, nothing comes close to your unique approach, your dedication and attention to detail. 

I have absolutely loved that we started with an end goal clearly defined and we tracked progress with weekly notes and exercises.  It has been inspirational. 

I now feel I have all the tools I need to have an unexpectedly lovely life and proven techniques to call on when life decides to throw curveballs. 

My life now feels fun, light and exciting.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jennifer Wheeler

Founder – Career Progression Programme

Paula Warman, Multi-entrepreneur

"Heidi is a genius in this field, she is a calm and zen-like presence in my life and has improved my mind and my business as a result."


Cassie Tozer

“Heidi's course has enabled me to recognise my boundaries, nourish my mind and develop the skills I need to progress my career in a way that works for me.”

Lizzie Rumble, Health Professional

“Heidi has a truly magical way with words. Her playful, yet calm zen approach to working with the mind, has helped me to really work out what is important to me in life and how to live that life with ease.”

Get Your Life Back!

Are you fed up with exhausting yourself, pushing to focus through the fog of overwhelm, feeling like there's never the time and energy to actually enjoy the life you're working so hard for?

For you, there is no compromise between work that enables you to have the lifestyle you want, and your health and relationships.

You want it all: meaningful, satisfying work that enables you to live the life you've already worked hard for.

But it feels impossible. Every time you think you've got it sussed something knocks you off course and you end up over-working, damaging your health and relationships.

You don't want to settle for the stressy-pants way others seem to accept as inevitable. You want to do things differently.

You want the freedom to choose your own adventure,  your own path to success, your own unique way of creating a life that works for you.

Success your way. Success without compromise.


"What I particularly appreciate about Heidi is that she has both credibility and humanity.  She is ‘real’: grounded, genuine and human. Her approach doesn’t reinforce my “not good enough” messages, nor does she deny them; she recognises them, accepts they’re there, whilst compassionately guiding me towards my own inner wisdom and direction."

Mum, psychotherapist and doctoral student (47)

"Heidi has such a down-to-earth calming approach to coaching. She is bold enough to confront clearly and directly while remaining compassionate and authentic. Drawing from a breadth of life experience and wisdom, any conversation with Heidi is guaranteed to be both pleasant and helpful."

Chris Nixon, Productivity Coach

“Grounded, straight-talking, cuts through the crap and waffle to help you find the real nuggets of gold that lurk beneath the surface.  You leave with positive grounded action.”

Lexie Wrightson, Wellbeing Entrepreneur

Kelly Hinds, CEO Roo-Me Property Ltd

“I feel so much more at ease managing my business and family life without the judgment and pressure I forced upon myself. Heidi has taught me why my brain goes into overload and how to use my body to understand what’s going on and how to manage it. I am most definitely a changed woman since working with Heidi.”

Mina Odavic, CEO Thrive with Mina

“Hi Heidi, just a quick message to say THANK YOU for the breakthrough session! It was really helpful in reviewing all the ways I can really "walk my talk" and thrive outside of my coaching business. I've been able to zone in on what really matters to me!”

Charlotte Russell, Entrepreneur

“I absolutely loved my breakthrough session with Heidi! A great listener and completely understanding of your needs, Heidi truly changes your perspective and brings you out of overwhelm! I went from a lot of 'I don't knows' to a small task of highlighting my to-do list and feeling empowered to make a change in my business by reallocating tasks that fulfil me.”