What I offer


I provide unique solutions for reclaiming your life from overwhelm.


Solutions that fit into your life and support you as you move out of overwhelm WITHOUT ADDING TO YOUR OVERWHELM


Want to know more?


Start by seeing if what I’m saying and how I’m saying it resonates with you.


Then make sure you like my voice because most of my work is audio-based – I’m a teacher and a coach and I provide audios for you to use during your day. So, either you love my voice or you don’t (in which case I wish you an unexpectedly lovely life and hope you find what you need from one of the many other generous supportive online entrepreneurs)


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And when you do so, you will receive my Neutral Noticing Starter Pack – 7 days of emails to support you in getting started with Neutral Noticing including the much-loved and well-used one-minute audio.


At the end of your week’s introduction to my work you will be offered my smallest digital product designed to make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate Neutral Noticing into your day and get out of overwhelm whenever you need to.


For Days When You’re Too Busy


Alternatively, you can listen to my podcast here:


The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast


Some episodes are me discussing my ideas on how you can reduce overwhelm in specific ways or areas life. And some are me just straight teaching my method for free. 


Occasionally I invite guests in to give their unique perspective and advice fo reducing overwhelm, such as my Zen Yoga Teacher Daizan Roshi (yes, I trained with a Zen Master!); Maven and Healer Lexi Wrightson; and Mumpreneur Paula Warman.


I also offer a few complimentary coaching sessions each month. These are not sales calls – I love to help and coaching you helps me learn even more about overwhelm and how to improve my work.


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The Overwhelm to Ease Online Course is designed specifically to help you move gently, but firmly out of overwhelm into more ease in four weeks. It is NOT full of information as when you’re overwhelmed you really don’t need more knowledge (and we live in an age of information overload).


Instead, it teaches you Neutral Noticing, which supports you as you learn it (clever hey?!)


This course was developed from my experience of teaching Zen Yoga and how students were moving from stressed and overwhelmed to very much at ease within minutes of arriving at a class or workshop. I wanted them to be able to do this for themselves so I used my teaching skills (I used to be a much-loved Maths teacher once upon a time. I was also a Teaching and Learning Leader which meant I geeked out on research and helped develop CPD for teachers. Anyway, I digress…)


But I also needed the course to be accessible during that horrid state of overwhelm – so it’s incredibly empathetic, gives just the right amount of information and aims to change your perspective without causing too much boat-rocking (because our minds don’t like too much change – even good change like moving from overwhelm to ease – so we sneak the ease into your life so as to bypass you amygdala and not set off the alarm signals ‘warning ease approaching, stay in overwhelm’)


I hope you can see how much I love how this course works. I am determined to get as many people as possible out of overwhelm and living the life they keep meaning too.


The Overwhelm to Ease Membership is for women only (sorry guys, that just what I felt called to create and it works – if I keep getting requests to create one for men then maybe that will happen too)


It’s specifically for women who are utterly fed up with being stuck on that verge between coping and crumbling. They’re the kind of women that everyone depends on – you know the ones you offload your to-do list on (ask a busy person) or your woes – they are my heroes. They are, quite literally holding the world together, in their own small or big way – they hold families together, business, organisations….society depends on them largely without recognition or appreciation. They are undervalued and often secretly struggling. I am their cheerleader.


Each month we use Neutral Noticing to explore and create healthy shifts in different life areas and start to move away from the verge.


The membership is currently closed to new members so please do join the waitlist to know when we reopen. Or book a 15-minute chat with me here.

1:1 coaching

I offer a range of bespoke coaching packages. 

Please book a 15-minute call to discuss your needs. 


Coaching and support for overwhelmed online entrepreneurs

please book a call with me to discuss your needs. I am currently offering discounted coaching packages to help me develop my ability to help this new niche and also because I believe big-hearted, conscientious entrepreneurs are needed so much at the moment. 


You can contact me here:



Thank you for reading


Have an unexpectedly lovely day.


Heidi x

For any women surfing the verge of breakdown, I would highly recommend Heidi's membership. It really helps you to take back control in a way that doesn't add to your overwhelm or 'to do' list. The resources are great, Heidi has made it all so easy and being part of a small group provides you with extra support and nudge in the right direction when you need it.
It's amazing what you have created. I'm so pleased I joined and really hope the membership reaches many, many more women
Life has a tangible habit of ‘overwhelming’ us. Heidi has the remarkable ability to teach you how to relinquish this feeling and helps to encourage you to embrace the chance to give yourself time to be just “you”. Pure and simple. I cannot recommend Heidi enough if you are seeking ‘ease’ in your life.
Sarah Jennings
“Heidi is a dedicated and knowledgable teacher who authentically weaves together her skills with insights gained from her own journey to wellness. Participating in her workshop I found myself being gently guided towards finding greater ease in my mind and body.”
Jeni Edge
“Heidi is a really fantastic teacher. She really understands that feeling of too much going on, and genuinely wants to help by giving the space and permission to stop everything else and take some time to look after yourself. ”
Livia Thorpe
Having worked with Heidi in teaching for several years we watched each other descend into being overwhelmed and emotionally crushed. But now Heidi is her own testament to a much healthier approach to life and increased wellbeing. She has helped provide a way of letting go for many of us! Thank you Heidi!
Rachel Day