Neutral Noticing is the easiest and most effective way to cut through the fog of overwhelm and see all the ways to create a life that works FOR YOU - without compromise.

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“I found Heidi through her incredibly valuable podcast.  She introduced me to her Neutral Noticing based audio The One Minute Marke. 

I can honestly say it is a game changer.  I am not new to self-development and growth however I can honestly say Heidi sees what others don’t see and has created this incredibly valuable tool. The benefit will be clear if you implement it (and you don’t need to be perfect all the time).  Highly highly recommended.”

Jennifer Wheeler, Career Coach

"As someone involved in complex, often pressured and highly focussed negotiations I find The One Minute Marke and its gentle “follow me” instruction takes my stressed and tired brain and leads me to where I can become aware of the rest of my body and surroundings - from highly focused to comfortably alert."


- Richard Nicholas, Lawyer 

“Just using The One Minute Marke between meetings has significantly improved my mindset and actions taken.
I would recommend Heidi if you are short on time, high on stress and want something that actually works! ”
- Paula Warman, Entrepreneur

“I use The One Minute Marke to check in with where I am at when I first wake up, then at the start of my lunch break which helps guide how I spend my lunch and this seems to help me move through the rest of the day.

It has become an anchor in my day that helps ground me when I am floating around in my busy head.”

- Lizzie Rumble,  Health Professional

Helping professionals and entrepreneurs find the time and energy to enjoy life outside of work without compromising your performance at work.

Because, for you, there is no compromise between meaningful, satisfying work and your health and relationships.

You want it all.