How you are in the world matters. You matter.

Heidi Marke 

Are you done with overwhelm and exhaustion?

Ready to quit the normal old hard stressy way of doing things?

Want to live your life, your way?


Heidi Marke is a Coach & Teacher who blends evidence-based Psychology with Zen practice and philosophy. She creates unique solutions for big-hearted professionals who are struggling to balance the need to provide a high-quality service at work and live fully outside of work.

Having managed to embarrassingly and painfully burn-out, losing her once-loved and hard-worked-for career, confidence, health and financial stability - whilst prioritising her selfcare (yes, really!) she now quietly leads The Gentle Rebellion - inviting you to gently, but firmly, rebel against the idea that to have the life you want you to have to push through overwhelm and exhaustion. You don’t.

Feel at home in yourself.


Create a life that suits you down to the ground. 




Listen to The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast where I share stories about my life, teachings about The Gentle Rebellion and guest interviews.