Hello, I'm Heidi Marke.


Having been on my own journey of trying to create the successful life I dreamed of, but finding it impossible without sacrificing my health and relationships, I had to find a way that worked for me. And that's why I'm passionate about helping you to do the same.

Knowledge wasn't enough. I had a first-class honours degree in Psychology, a certificate in Positive Psychology...I even trained with a Zen Master and became a qualified Zen Yoga Teacher. But even this wasn't enough to stop me wrecking my health and damaging my relationships as I lost the career in education I had worked hard to create, was really good at and once loved.

What finally gave me the insight I needed was listening to my body and my heart. Once I stopped treating my body as an inconvenient way of transporting my mind around while I got all my exciting goals sorted out, things shifted powerfully for me. I learnt to love and respect my body and acknowledge the information stored in my heart too - and in doing so found it so much easier to regain and improve my health, mend and deepen my close relationships, and find a way to do joyful, meaningful work without sacrificing my health or relationships again.

But how do you 'listen to your body and heart' ?! And what about keeping your feet on the ground and also using your rational mind? 
I'm with you on this! This is where Neutral Noticing comes in - the unique awareness tool which allows you to use the information from your body, heart and mind.

It's a life-changing practice that might be just what you're looking for as it gives you a break from your busy overloaded mind without adding to your to-do list. It's easy to get started by using my free audio - The One Minute Marke.

Neutral Noticing is the easiest and most effective way to cut through the fog of overwhelm and see all the ways to create a life that works FOR YOU - without compromise.

Get started today with this free audio: The One Minute Marke


Get started with Neutral Noticing today - download The One Minute Marke

I set up my business to be kind to myself and it was really tough!


I thought that once I had control of my own hours I would be able to easily create a life that worked for me. Turned out I was wrong. I needed to examine the mistaken beliefs that got me to burnout - the belief that sacrificing my health and time with those I loved was necessary to have the kind of success I wanted at work. I needed to change the habits that had worked so well for me up until they no longer did - you know, the pushing against myself, forcing my mind to focus through overwhelm, ignoring the signals from my body, pushing down the tears and longing in my heart to find an easier way, a less harsh way to build a successful life.

I learned the hard way - but you don't have to. 


My life now is based on making everything work for me rather than struggling. It's a powerful shift and it's possible for you too.

Every day I help women like you - lovely, highly conscientious, well-educated, successful women who have worked hard to create a life they were promised would be worth the struggle and sacrifice - but who are struggling (successfully) but finding it increasingly difficult to find the time and energy to actually enjoy the life they have worked so hard for.

You don't have to struggle - helping you create a life that works for you, without compromising your work, health or relationships - that is my passion and joy. This is what I do.

What do you want to do?

Get started with Neutral Noticing today - download The One Minute Marke