A note on affiliate links

affiliate links Nov 18, 2022

A note on affiliate links:

Firstly, what is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link when clicked on may result in me receiving a payment (usually pretty small) for recommending that product or service.

What happens when you click on it?

It takes you straight to the place where you can buy the thing I’ve recommended. This is convenient for you and may result in me receiving a payment for taking the time to recommend it. It doesn’t affect the price you pay.

Why do this?
As an author it makes sense because Amazon will give me back a little more of the price paid for the book. Once I looked at it for this purpose I realised I could do this for other things that I am always recommending.

It’s a win-win situation. Lots of people do it these days (you might like to consider it yourself). I only recommend things I use myself and find myself talking about. And it’s convenient for you.

Personally, I often find making purchasing decisions overwhelming and love being recommended something by someone I like and trust.

It’s also nice to be able to give back to someone who has taken the time to write a blog about something I was curious about. I will always use other people's affiliate links when I can. And I always recommend high-quality, heart-centered businesses whether or not they offer me an affiliate payment.

Obviously, I can take no responsibility for links to third-party websites and products. Things change - I can only tell you my experience at the time of writing. But I hope you find the things I share helpful.

A word about Amazon - personally I’m a big fan of buying locally and from the people who make the things but when this isn’t possible I use Amazon because it's convenient and easier (sometimes it's the only way I can access that product). If I recommend something with a link that goes through to Amazon you can always choose to buy it locally.

As an author I am extremely grateful that Kindle Direct Publishing exists and makes it easy for me to publish and get my books anywhere in the world. This is incredible!

Do I have an affiliate scheme? 

Not officially yet as it takes a lot of managing but if I know someone has recommended a client I usually find a way to gift something of value in return.

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