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Finding space for you

space for you the morning promise May 19, 2024
The Morning Promise

You wake up in the morning with the usual sense of emergency, being thought-bombed by all the things you need to do, the unsolvable problems on repeated loops of anxiety-ridden doom, your mind racing into future predictions whilst, somehow (?!) simultaneously repeating old conversations and moments that could have gone better or been prevented if only you were better at staying calm or better in a million different ways…

You drag your tired, heavy body out of bed, gearing yourself up with positive talk about getting through this week so that those things will be over and that problem solved and you will actually get a moment to relax…

Then as you stand under the shower you suddenly remember your commitment to rebel against this nonsense.

You notice the thought bombs, the loops of doom and the impossible To-Dos and the overwhelmingly judgemental Get Better Ats.

You move your attention out of your head and into your body. You notice the wonderful feeling of the water and feel grateful that you have a working shower.

You invite your belly to soften, your shoulders to move away from your ears and your jaw to ease. You allow yourself a moment’s break from the overwhelm and pressure and allow your nervous system to reset.

You say The Morning Promise to yourself:

“I commit to myself FIRST

To living my life, my way.”

And start your day gently rebelling against The Nonsense that to have the life you want you have to push through overwhelm into exhaustion. 

Throughout your day you continue to practise gently rebelling in tiny-huge ways that fit into your day and work for you.

Over time you notice there is space between you and your thoughts.

And that in this space is the freedom, joy, satisfaction and peace of mind you were striving for all along.


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