Here’s why how you are in the world matters

Nov 18, 2022

Here’s why how you are in the world matters.


It’s easy to think that if we keep our head down, and focus on getting through without anyone noticing just how much we are sometimes struggling to manage our lives and be ourselves, then everything will be ok, that it doesn’t matter that we’re not living our Full Adventure.


(and when I mean Full Adventure I don’t mean getting everything right, I mean having the courage to adventure fully - the path from there tends to be spiral not some linear race to an invisible finish line, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post).


There are times, many times, as can be seen from my own adventure when I haven’t dared to follow my heart. For example, it’s taken me since 2007 to dare to be the coach that I am and there were many detours on the way including a whole career in teaching which left me burnt out and my confidence and health on the floor.


I, personally, found listening to my heart tricky and eventually painful - like it was shouting back at me as it was breaking “you’re not listening!!”


This morning I was forwarded the following blog post with a thank you from a client.


Please take the time to read it to see why you matter. This is the ripple effect of me daring to offer my coaching services. This is the ripple effect of my wonderful client choosing to gently rebel, get out of overwhelm and dare to listen to and follow her heart.


You matter.


How you are in the world matters.

Here’s the post:

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