Aug 25, 2022

I was thinking of you the other day as I picked up the dog's mess in my garden (bear with me!)


So I can look at my beloved garden, my hard-worked for, long desired half an acre and I can see:


Dog’s mess, piles of rubles, raised beds to fill, raised beds to fill with more nutritious stuff, rotting apples to pick up before someone slips or Rosie eats a wasp (and…my mind can do whole reams of fear from here)


Apples that might be ready to pick instead of falling to the ground to join the still unpicked up rotting ones that someone might slip on Rosie might eat a wasp from…(here we go again)




I can look at my beloved garden, my hard worked for, long desired half an acre and I can see:


Flowers, trees, all kinds of plants I have longed for throughout my life and gathered together in one glorious celebration of myself as a Gardner


Space to wander with my dogs, Chomsky the cat and the chickens 


Food growing in abundance everywhere


Opportunities to create new out of old dilapidated outbuildings


I can look at my garden and appreciate it for hours because nowadays my mind is PRACTICED at seeing the beauty, wonder and awe all around me.


It’s all a PRACTICE


Not to be perfect


Not to be the best zen-like mindfulness practitioner on the earth


It’s a practice because there is no destination


There is only the experience of now


And you get to decide what now feels like 


And you get to redecide again and again and again


You can't do it wrong but you can not bother, or do it inconsistently


The way I see it is:


My mind is easily overloaded and I’m easily overwhelmed (because I’m sensitive and want to live my Full Adventure)


Overwhelm makes it much harder for me to see all the good stuff that is already here and to focus on bringing in all the good stuff I wish to experience next (and noticing when it’s arrived)


So I need practices that support my mind to stay out of overwhelm and in ease as much as possible


I find the more I practice rebelling against the idea that overwhelm is just the way things are these days the better my life gets


So all that remains is for me to stay with this practice


And resist the resistance that comes to practising 




To commit fully 


To make living without overwhelm a non-negotiable


To make living without exhaustion a non-negotiable


To make the practice of living my life my way just what I do


I clean my teeth, I commit to living my life, my way




If you’d like support in practising wholeheartedly email me and let’s start talking about what that might look like for you ([email protected])

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