Sometimes I feel I shouldn't share how good my life

Aug 29, 2022

Sometimes I feel I shouldn't share how good my life is because it feels a bit too much to say I have found a way to achieve highly without pushing through the fog of overwhelm, without the expected exhaustion, without the normal costs we somehow have come to accept are just part of the deal.

I no longer believe that in order to have the kind of life I want - the one that suits me down to the ground - requires payment of my health and sanity.

I believe instead, that in order to have the life that suits me down to the ground, I have to keep practising listening to my body, connecting to my heart and controlling my attention.

And because it's a practice, because I know there is no destination, the ease and satisfaction I spent all those years killing myself for are now available to me every day.

Ease and satisfaction is just HOW I DO THINGS THESE DAYS

The rest (the achievements and experiences) is just chapters and happenings in my adventure.

You can have this too.

And if it feels impossible, like you should wait until….(insert next gap in busyness) then how would you feel if I said I had created a programme that works for you exactly when you’re too busy?

If these words call to you then please do book in a chat with me.

Wishing you a day that feels like you're living a life that suits you down to the ground.




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