Stuck between a rock and a hard place? There's always an easier way.

ease overwhelm Aug 17, 2023


When I look back to the toughest times, times when I thought I had no choice but to push on through with little regard for myself and my selfcare, I can see there were not just one, but many alternative routes I could have taken.


It’s overwhelm that makes me feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.


It’s overwhelm that made me think I had no choice but to quit or keep surfing the verge of burnout.


Until I had pushed myself so far along this nonsense route of ‘success’ that I crashed and burned and imploded my life.


The gift of imploding my life was that I knew, without a doubt, that I had to find a different way.


And so gradually, my gentle rebellion grew. I refused to give up on my version of success - the well-paid satisfying work AND the ability to switch off and be fully present in the rest of my life.


Now, having studied myself, faced the shame of burnout and the damage I did to myself and my life and having had the courage to start my own business and remember just how good a coach I am. After hours and hours of working with clients, listening deeply, reflecting, asking tough questions and writing thousands of words and thinking out loud on my podcast, I know this gently rebelling works and that I have some important and useful things to share.


Here’s one of them:


"There's always an easier way.

Even if you can't see one. 

Especially when you can't see one."


Thinking you have only two, equally rubbish, options is a symptom of overwhelm. Deal with the overwhelm first, dare to trust there’s an easier way and you will find it.

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