The Dream Season Podcast

autumn podcast interview Oct 18, 2023
The Dream Season podcast

I love podcasts interviews because they're unscripted. Sometimes they're edited but largely they allow for real conversation which feels like a gift to be able to listen in on when it's done well.

Remember the episode I recorded with the wonderful Holly Ostara? Well, shortly after out conversation she decided to start her own podcast - The Dream Season to support writers throughout the year. I love the idea that there's a season for everything and wholeheartedly agree that noticing how the season affect you can be freeing and empowering.

Not an writer? I don't think we mentioned writing once! We talk a lot about my story and how I've learnt to live in a more harmonious way post-burnout. We also talk about how we are affected by the change in season from summer to autumn. And a ton of other things I think you're going to love :)

You can listen to the episode here.

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