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The Friday Mistake

friday selfcare work Oct 23, 2020

Are you making The Friday Mistake?


Are you making the Friday mistake? Desperately trying to get everything done so you can feel good about taking the weekend off.


Or are you already resigned to taking work home with you?


It’s time to put an end to the work leaking into the rest of our lives BS!


Your job is impossible. I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone recently whose job is possible to complete without them compromising on basic stuff like eating, resting and moving. And so even if you do manage to leave your work at work, it still leaks into your life by waking you up in the night, or the tension you carry in your shoulders as you flop on the settee and start to binge-watch Netflix in an attempt to unwind.


And if you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed you know that your job is impossible, but you also know the dangers of not looking after yourself - you are your business and if you go down….well, there lies trouble.


So, your job is impossible.

Accept that you cannot finish your to-do list.

And then try this instead (starting with looking after yourself first):


  1. What can you do to make Monday as easy as possible? Organise your Monday morning to hit the ground running. 
  2. The stuff that can’t be finished today needs to be stored somewhere safe so your mind can let it go. Find a good place to put the rest of the list. Schedule time to look at it and then let it go for now.
  3. Consider other people and how you can minimise adding to their stress by finishing small possible things. Or let them know you can’t do something.


And then start to let go of your working week. Ease into your weekend. Tune into what your body needs to recover. Tune into what your heart is longing for.


And then have an unexpectedly lovely weekend!

Check out Episode 18 of The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast for a nourishing Let Go Of Your Week relaxation practice.


Whatever you do - donโ€™t add this to your Must Read List

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