The Gentle Rebel commits to herself FIRST

Aug 06, 2022

The Gentle Rebel commits to herself FIRST


To living her life, her way.


How is this an act of rebellion?


It takes courage to own up to the fact that you're struggling with overwhelm


It takes guts to admit just how tired you feel


It takes a commitment to yourself to dare to listen to the struggling rebel inside who is screaming




Because when everyone around you is either:


seeming to cope with the stress of success




seeming to accept that overwhelm is just the deal you make with the universe for having more


Daring to listen to yourself is an act of rebellion


But - and listen up because this is especially important:


Rebelling, making a stand, going against the grain - 


takes energy you don't have




causes fuss you don't want


Which is why around here we rebel GENTLY


Quietly, privately, in your own way.


Without causing a fuss 


or adding to your overwhelm


or requiring extra effort.

Book a call to find out more about how I can support you in your own Gentle Rebellion


Because how you are in the world matters


You matter

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