Three books for a lovely few hours ensconced in a story that uplifts you.

books fiction Jul 16, 2023

While I eat non-fiction for breakfast, I have a love-hate relationship with fiction.


I’ve long since given up the idea that I ought to read all the high brow books that were not taught in the dodgy 1980s comp I narrowly survived. But I do want a novel that is well-written and feels like I’ve gained something from reading it.


However, I don’t want to be preached at (I recently stopped reading a book because it kept mentioning the importance of the character putting a seatbelt on) and I want it to be easy to sink into - like a cushy armchair - comfortable but structured so as not to leave you with a dodgy back and a crook in your neck.


So I’m pretty demanding in my requirement for a fiction book that draws me in fast, is easy to read but complex enough to feel like I’ve gained something without being lectured. Oh, and I want to feel uplifted too!


Which is why I’m delighted when I actually find a book that fits my strict bill.


And incase you’re as demanding of fiction as I am here’s three I have read recently and loved:


Mrs Bird by A.J. Pearce


Set during the second world war I love the stoical nature of the characters’ attitudes. Somehow the British stiff upper lip felt remarkably refreshing!


The Ladies Room by Carolyn Brown


Somehow I didn’t twig from the title that this was referring to a ladies toilet. Nevertheless the ramifications of what the main character overhears whilst in the ladies is an adventure I loved. Powerfully uplifting.


The Road Towards Home by Corinne Demas


I love and am fascinated by people. So I love an author who can study people well. Definitely uplifting - especially if you believe the nonsense that life is over past 70.


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Wishing you a lovely few hours ensconced in a story that uplifts you.

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