Work-life leakage is real

work-life leakage Mar 12, 2023

Work-life leakage is real.

Here’s what it feels like:

You’re spending a lot of your time at home setting things up so you can get things done at work.

Which means your evenings are about recovering and getting everything ready to go back into the fray the following day.

And your weekends have all the things you can’t fit into your tightly scheduled week squeezed into them.

You find it hard to hear your partner talk over the noise in your head.

And you often find yourself awake in the middle of the night ‘working’ in your head.

You love much of your job but it really is taking far too much of your life.

Which is so not what you want because you're not the kind of person who believes in putting work before everything else.

You want to be able to focus and do a really good job at work.

You don't want to compromise your integrity or do your job less well just so you can have a life outside of work.

And you want to be able to switch off and be fully present in the rest of your life.

You want that part of you back that believes in living life to the full.

You want to be the person who knows how to laugh easily and not take life so seriously.

You want your life back without compromising your work.

I can help you do just that. Reducing work-life leakage is one of the things I specialise in.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you, please book a call here:



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