Climbing without pushing myself through fear

comfort zone fear Nov 10, 2023
Everything you want is on the inside of your comfort zone

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at a Business Women In event.


It’s still resonating with me - the clarity of thinking that comes from having to present my ideas to others.


It was called ‘Everything you want is on the inside of your comfort zone.’


My idea is that pushing through fear is no fun and as it overwhelms my nervous system, it makes it harder to think clearly. Fear is the least pleasant or efficient place to achieve my big scary goals from.


I used this method to go climbing last week. Climbing with vertigo is, by definition, no fun at all.


But I’m tired of the vertigo so accepted the invitation to go climbing to see if I could get inside my comfort zone to reduce my vertigo.


It worked! Really well. I had fun. I went from vertigo at 12 feet off the ground to very nearly reaching the top of the wall. In less than 90 minutes.

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