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New podcast episode with Lexi Wrightson

podcast Sep 25, 2020


This week’s podcast episode is with intuitive healer and maven, Lexie Wrightson 


Lexie Wrightson is an intuitive healer, reiki master, spiritual mentor and maven. No, I didn’t know what a maven was either! Listen here to find out.


She gives you the tools to learn to take time for yourself and achieve your goals whilst discovering more about yourself. She has created the nourishing space of the Soul Sister Community for women who want to learn to dance to their own energies and rhythms.


Yes, there are similarities in the way we work! We both had the privilege of training to be Zen Yoga Teachers with Zen Master Julian Daizan Skinner.


Lexie’s own adventures in overwhelm led her to a very dark time around her 30th birthday where the high expectations she had of herself to be the perfect wife, housewife, friend, colleague etc led her to question who she was and what she was doing with her life. You might relate. I know I can.


I too went through dark times to end up doing the work I do. I love how, although we have quite different stories to tell, our conversation is deeply connective. And I also love how although we have had similar training, we work in different ways. 


I have developed a simple, powerful, condensed body mindfulness method called Neutral Noticing to fit into even the busiest, most stressed period in your life - in fact, specifically to support through those crazy times when you have no time or energy or space - the times when you need the support and benefits of mindfulness meditation the most.


You can access a free one-minute audio to see if my method is for you by clicking here.


So I coach and teach through online workshops, my Overwhelm to Ease Course and The Overwhelm to Ease Membership. And of course, The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast.


And Lexi offers The Soul Sister Community, online healing, Reiki and Zen Yoga Classes.


There really is something and someone to help us throughout all the season of our life.


Who are you here to help? Because you matter. We need you. So, check out what Lexi and I have to offer and get the support you need to do your healing work in the world.


You can find out more about Lexie and how she works here:










Whatever you do - donโ€™t add this to your Must Read List

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