Selfcare Overwhelm

selfcare Oct 12, 2022

If selfcare is adding to your overwhelm this blog is for you.


If you’re triggered by someone telling you that you need to up your selfcare then this blog is for you.


If you’re struggling with selfcare then this blog is for you.


If selfcare is adding to your to-do list and isn’t easy this is for you.


If selfcare makes you feel overwhelmed, guilty, stressed, inadequate or exhausted 


(obviously - but I feel it needs pointing out)


You know selfcare is important. 

You’re really good at supporting others and encouraging them to take better care of themselves but for you, it’s not quite that simple.


It feels like you should know better and do more things that are good for you but somehow you find this either impossible to justify the time or money, or when you do have time for yourself you find it harder than you expected to do something nourishing for yourself.


EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT NOURISHES YOU (kudos if you know - this is an important part of the puzzle)


Ever feel like there’s this secret club of women who are just good at selfcare? 


And why is it that ‘most’ women seem to cope with their busy lives so much better than you do?


Do you feel like you shouldn’t be exhausted (like you made a mistake and should know how to manage your energy better).


Or that you ought to be able to just keep going with the level of selfcare you’ve had until now - why do you suddenly seem to need more rest, more time to yourself…what’s wrong with you?!!


Logically you know selfcare is A Good Thing but somehow it still feels selfish or a luxury you can’t afford.


Maybe you feel guilty when you do take time for yourself or spend money on yourself - or even think about yourself and your own needs (even though you agree with the idea that having time and spending money on yourself is ok or even Another Good Thing).


And even if you’re completely on board with the whole ‘selfcare is definitely for me’ thing often it just feels like it’s another thing to add to your overloaded to-do list e.g. take out rubbish and recycling, clean out dishwasher drain, book car in for a service, meditate, book massage, have conversation with partner about having Sunday mornings to yourself ….


If any of this is resonating it’s time to rebel (gently, of course) and I’d love to help you do this.


Here’s how:


You can listen to my podcast Overwhelm is Optional (available on Apple, Spotify etc) - episodes 138 and 139 deal specifically with this topic but lots of the other episodes will also help you so have a browse.


If you’re reading this before 19/10/22 I have a free workshop coming up. Register here to join me or catch the replay.


Or if you’d like to work with me 1:1 on creating rebellious selfcare that feels nourishing and easy just reach out in the way that feels easiest for you - DM me on Instagram, email me [email protected] or go to the Work With Me page on this website, check out my current offers and then book a chat to discuss further.

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